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In disain industry, there are many unjust activities that could happen, one of them is plagiarism act. In disain industry, there are many new design and product that launched to the market. This new design is something that created by the original creativity of human being that not all of people have it. The important of this original creativity makes people should concern about the security of their design. If people know about your design and you do not protect your design by law, they could use it for their own benefit and later on could affect your own product. That is why in disain industry, it is better for you to protect your genuine design by using law firm assistance.

In disain industry, every company that involve in this industry is rely on the creativity or their designer. When their designer could not find any creative idea, it could force them to copy or plagiarize the other idea from other designer. This act is actually something that forbidden in term of law as long as the idea is already listed on the intellectual law. Ever people who plagiarize other design that already listed on the intellectual law will be punished. For every designer that involve in disain industry, it is better for them to have law firm that could assist them on obtaining intellectual wealth. So whenever people use our design will have to pay some fee to us as the original issuer of the idea.

Protecting your design by law is something that very important, since the company performance will affected by the design as well. In disain industry, many competitors are looking for good and genuine design, but if they do not find within their self, they will start to find it on other company. When they find and copy your design, it is not possible that your design will be less popular that their design even though they copy it from you.

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