When you working at the industrial company or other company that require you inventing something base on your own disain, it is better for you to have law firm that could protect your disain, from intellectual crime. Usually disain, that you make by yourself will be passive income for you. The passive income that you suppose to have, could not be gain if you do not legalize it as your intellectual wealth. When you have disain, something and you legalize it as your intellectual wealth, every people or entities that want to use your disain, have to pay to you. If you do not protect your disain, by legalize it as your intellectual wealth, every people cold copy you disain, and use it for their benefit.

Using the service of law firm is actually something that wise to do in order to protect our disain, and other intellectual wealth from getting stolen. Actually, there are many law firms that provide this kind of protection or assistance in all over the world. These law firm are actually provide their service not only in protecting your disain, from get stolen, these law firms are also provide service on obtaining the patent or trademark for you. So when you think that you inventing something whether it is a tool, product, machine, and so on, you have to visit your law firm and ask for their assistance to make patent for you.

Disain, of product or industrial machine is something that very susceptible from getting plagiarized or copied by competitor. One competitor have the disain, that you make, they could bring down you business instantly. They will create the same machine or product base on your disain, and even could increase the performance of the product or the machine itself so your product or machine will be lost in competing customer loyalty

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