Indonesia is very rich country. The people are really creative. They always invent something useful for the other people life. There are many creative people in Indonesia. They are not only creative in one aspect, but also many aspects of life. You can see that there are many Indonesia singers become famous all over the world. Their names are well known in Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore and many more. There are many fans of Indonesian artists or singers there. Most of the fans do like the Indonesian lyric and also music scoring arrangements. Indonesian artists should know well about the patent of the intellectuality of Indonesian artists. This is important because this will help them to get the loyalty and get merek from the music company that hires them. It is also useful for avoiding the claim of a song from the other country artists.

The importance of the intellectuality and property patent is not only for some artists, but also it is important for a company that invents or creates a product. Every time they launch a product, it must be followed by the launched of the merek itself. The importance of the patent for a company is that it is to avoid the claim of the other companies that they are the inventor or the creator of a product.

If you are the owner of a company and you will launch a merek of your new product, it is better for you to contact your advocates to assist you to make the patent of your merek. Why people need an advocate to take care of the patent. It is because it is one of a must requirement to complete before they get the patent. The advocate that you are choosing should know well about the intellectuality and property patent. It is shown from the certificate that they are master in handling this kind patent.

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