Intellectual Property Agent

Do you have any great idea or have an intellectual property that needs to be patented? Having a great idea of anything or having intellectual property should be patented so that it is protected by the legal law. Proficiat can help you in providing the patent and trademark for your any idea and also your intellectual property and of course with them you can get so many benefits. They are recognized as the professional one in providing this intellectual property and also trademark as they are very experienced in providing this for you. The intellectual property agent in Indonesia is specializing in the trademark, industrial patent design protection, intellectual property issues, and also patent.

With their patent and also trademark for your ideas, you do not need to be worry anymore as your idea will be protected well through the legal law either in the Indonesia or internationally. Furthermore, they are also having so many professional staffs that will help you to handle any of your patent process and procedure. The intellectual property agent in Indonesia commit to provide the high quality service for you so that you can get satisfaction and get the best protection for your intellectual property. They are also able to maintain your idea and also intellectual property protection. Well, there are so many clients who have trusted them in providing this patent and also trademark such as the research institute, telecommunication industry, online media industry, pharmaceutical company, and many other industries. Known as the professional firm in the intellectual property protection, the intellectual property agent in Indonesia can be the one that you should rely on.

Furthermore, there are so many services also that they provide for you such as the prosecution and also enforcement of patent, patent drafting, trademark prosecution, and many others. So, anytime you have idea or intellectual property, it is important for you to protect your idea from any theft.

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