The Patent Agent

In our era, the existence of intellectual property rights is set in the relationship between people and country. In industrial society such as in Indonesia, intellectual property right is something given and inherent. Because of that, the protection of intellectual property rights is a must requirement to do by the state. Regulations to protect the intellectual property rights even must follow the TRIP standards. It is because the consequences that Indonesia is a member of WTO. Most Indonesian people still think that intellectual property rights protection has not became the important things yet such as the protection of private property rights. Recently, the patent agent in Indonesia is certainly growing its demand because of the advanced way of thinking of the community.

People have already known well that the existence of the patent agent is very important in a society. It is important to protect someone’s intellectual property.  The existence of intellectual property rights affects many aspects of life and it always becomes the potential trigger of a conflict. You can say it in an easy term that intellectual property right is defined as the wealth arising from human intellectual creation. Literature, art, technology and science are the kinds of the various human being works that must be protected by the rights. It is because this kind of creation is the result though the human mind that requires time, effort, and resources. Now, Indonesians are aware enough about the importance of protection of all those things. No wonder that the existence of the patent agent in Indonesia will be increasingly needed.

Problems of intellectual property rights can touch many aspects such as industry, technology, economy, and also social and cultural aspects. The most important is the aspect of law that can be used as a tool to solve the problem that may arise. If there is a problem that concerns to intellectual property rights, it is required parties to understand the link to get the best solution. That’s where the functions of a patent agent, as an institution that offers the best solution for the parties concerned. Patent Agent in Indonesia will be increasingly needed along with the large number of parties with an interest in intellectual property.

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