The Trademark Proficiat Patent

Previous days ago, you heard about some Indonesian artists are the suspect of plagiarism of the other country artist’ work. It mostly happened to some of Indonesian singers. Entertainment industry is a place where the creativity of some people is coming. They make a song, write a poem or novels or even just they are saying something that it becomes the trademark of the artist itself. The trending is so dynamic in the entertainment world from day to day. The artist herself or himself should realize that their creativity should be well protected by the law. If not, the other parties or the other people can easily do the plagiarism to their work or claim his or her statement as their statement to be their own trademark.

Nowadays, artists should know well about the law. It is because their work is so close to the other parties’ plagiarism or copy paste. They have already tried their best to make something creative to lengthen their life in the existence of the showbiz world. Although they can hire an advocate to accompany them I there is a case that deals with the patent, they should know it even only a little. If they decide to hire an advocate to handle their trademark problem, they should know that their advocate also must be able to handle the intellectuality and property patent.

Here are some important requirements that you should know well before you hire an advocate to take care of your trademark case. Besides he or she must have a capability to be a patent consultant, it is seen from the certificate that he or she has graduated from the intellectual property patent workshop, they must be an Indonesian citizen and also can speak English well. You should be careful in deciding the best consultant that is going to accompany you to get your trademark.

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